zz_Dr. Xogg Ugvara III (Retired)


Gentleman. Scholar. Top of one’s class. Educated. Flashy dresser. Revolutionary. None of these typically apply to Gamorreans, But Dr. Xogg Ugvara the Third is not a typical Gamorrean.

Only the first few years of of his life was spent on Gamor, and while Xogg will passionately and at great length describe the Gamorrean pastoral landscapes of his youth, most of the scenes are from later trips to his home-world or from the holonet documentary series about primitive planets aptly titled Spear Worlds. Born into a wealthy clan that had most of it’s roots off-world, Xogg had grew up in a position of relative wealth and power in the greater galaxy, but little respect on Gamor. Faced with little options on Gamor, Xogg took a path that nearly no other Gamorrean had taken before, turning towards education and away from the military glory of his people. With his clan’s connections, Xogg was able to attend boarding schools throughout the core world, were he thrived as a young man. His hard work payed off with an acceptance letter to the Coruscant Medical Academy. Unbeknownst to Xogg, the position was a special diversity position for “Peoples from primitive worlds for the outreach of medical sciences in Outer Rim Territories” meaning the Academy sent Xogg back to his homeworld several times in an attempt to educate the local doctors on Gamor.

However, while on his trips to his homeworld, Xogg became outraged about the governing clans ruled through the promotion of violence. In his eyes, constant military strive only cost Gamorrean lives and simply held back development of his people. After being laughed at by the battlefield medics he was sent to train, Xogg’s patriotic fervor became to take root.

After graduating top of his class from the Academy, Xogg turned down several medical residencies, and instead traveled the galaxy, reaching out to other Gamorrean clan leaders with off-Gamor presence, sometimes taking work as a Doctor and often relying on his clan’s money. While suffering from a lack of funding, Xogg has vowed to recruit enough Gamorrean support to lead an uprising on his homeworld.


zz_Dr. Xogg Ugvara III (Retired)

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