Musical Genres

Musical stuff!


Aridinian Folk Music – Causes the ears of humans to bleed. Not recommended without adequate protection.

Aubade – a type of jizz that is great for starting your morning

Baka Rock – Primitive drums and bagpipes, with a Gamorrean squeal as counterpoint

Blooz - a kind of fusion of Jizz and other genres, very 'grass roots' and simple, but a great sound.

Bssa nuuvu – popular with adults

Classical – actually a catch-all term for many types of music which have been around for several millennia

Conserlista – developed on Iridonia in the Mid Rim

Core Drive – features heavy bass lines, which supposedly mimic the sounds of a hyperdrive engine

Deva – created on Adarlon in the Minos Cluster

Dongan Vocal Quartet – A mysterious art form which paints pictures in the listeners' minds.

Droid Music – Looked down upon by most music aficionados as derivative and lacking creativity

Dusk – slow, dark, and moody

Gamorrean Opera – Gamorrean melodic snorting and squealing

Ganther – a type of Classical music composed to dance to.

Glimmik – loud, frenetic sound reminiscent of heavy isotope but with a fitter, more extreme image and inspirational lyrical content

Glitz – progressive offshoot of jizz

Gliz – swinging music from the Outer Rim, a sub-genre of jizz.

Heavy Isotope – known for its excessive volume and the tendency of bass lines to mimic the human heartbeat, was invented in the boroughs of Slum District G17 by the vibrant but rebellious youth culture

Jatz – popular, a little similar to jizz

Jizz – this upbeat, swinging music is popular with everyone; think non-humanoid bands in cantinas! Sub-genres include aubade and jizz-wail and glitz

Jizz-wail – a softer jizz

Minga – similar to B’ssa nuuvu, but youths love

Neo-waltz – a type of Classical music for dancing. Features a strong rhythm and repetitive melody.

Ontechii – a horn-heavy genre played by Kitonak musicians. Offshoot of B’ssa nuuvu.

Riev – popular on Sullust

Rodian rumba – rambunctious dance music thought to have originated on Rodia.

Scrak – popular throughout the galaxy, although some say it resonates with raucous buzz

Shadowmoth Moonsong – occurs when wind passes through the wingflutes of ringed moon shadowmoths.

Shanpa – uses the Growdi Harmonique instrument

Shudderup – music from Naboo

Smazzo – percussive, uses the Trap skin and the wailhorn. Has the unfortunate side-effect of causing Bith to get violent.

Space Opera – a narrative offshoot of Classical, Space Opera features booming sounds and exaggerated story-lines.

Space Shanty – traditional, easy-to-sing songs of love, loss and regret. Best taken with lots of synth-ale.

Sparkle-bop – hummable melodies, repeated riffs, three-chord melodies, we think it will catch on

Subliminal – not so much a genre as an addition to other music, manipulates the mood of listeners and can be considered an art-form in its own right

Swing-bop – popular now

Symponika – epic historical musical works composed by Gungans that are one of the pillars of Gungan oral history

Tarasin Traditional Music – Found to soothe the gills of aquatic species.

Tatooine Blues – a dirty, rough form of Jizz played with homemade instruments

Tree-drum music – beloved by the Wookiees

Verpine Choir – Verpine legs rubbed together to create simple, squeaky harmonies.

Vortex Wind Cathedral – Complex, ethereal music produced by manipulating the passage of wind through the myriad tunnels and apertures of the mountainous, delicate crystalline Cathedral of Winds on the planet Vortex in Glythe sector

Warbat – an emerging style being shared by astromechs

Wroonian blues – from Wroona in the Inner Rim

Musical Genres

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