Group Inventory

This is the group inventory, for items not claimed by anyone in particular. If you claim an item, remove it from here and add it to your own inventory. Remember to track encumbrance!

Likewise, if you wish to relinquish an item you claimed previously, feel free to drop it here to indicate it's free for everyone to use. In that case, we just need to track who's carrying it at a given time.



- Weequay Blaster Lance [Encumbrance: 5]

- Vibro-machete [Encumbrance: 2]






- Enhanced General Purpose Scanner [Encumbrance: 2 – currently with Sabel]

- 6 doses of Booster Blue



- 5500 credits (payment from Lorash)

- Minus 240 credits (docking fees, bribes, etc)

- Minus 1100 credits (flight helmets!)


Leftovers from Mynock's Claw

- Stimpack x4

- Medkit (the full deal)


Random other stuff

- 2 "special" crates (crates with false bottoms for smuggling)

- Engine parts and spares (2000 credits worth)

- Hull repair plates (2000 credits worth)

- Advanced tools (~2000 credits worth) – LSP to specify what they are at any point

- Trade goods (~2000 credits worth) – LSP to specify what they are at any point


Stuff the group doesn't actually own

Nothing right now, whee!

Group Inventory

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