Missed Opportunities

Search & Rescue
Intermission - between sessions 2 and 3

The A'Tuin remains behind, floating serenely at a small, but safe distance from the approaching asteroid field threatening to swallow everything, as the C-1 salvage shuttle, affectionately nicknamed the "Cockroach", disengages from it and makes for the larger salvage field, now much richer in debris thanks to the Proximo's betrayal.

Aboard the C-1 are only Bane and Devlin, the rest having chosen to remain behind on the A'Tuin and begin repairs. As the C-1 makes swift way towards the field's center, Bane and Devlin converse. Bane is skeptical that they'll find anyone, but Devlin asserts that regardless of whether he thinks there's anyone left alive out there, he feels he has to give it a try, citing that it's simply what any conscientious spacer would do.

The sheer distance allows the two men to talk a small while, catching up after more than half a dozen years of not seeing each other. Devlin tells Bane that he'd spent that time traveling the galaxy, while Bane reveals he'd gotten married, had a daughter, and divorced in the meantime.

Finally in range of the field, Devlin opens the comms, calling out into the void of space for any survivors to reply, if able. A gruff reply surprises both men, providing them a beacon to help find them.

The C-1 glides over to the flashing signal, finding no more than a salvage skiff, four figures in space suits standing atop it. One is clearly injured, as two others support him.

Devlin brings the C-1 in close, while Bane, his own space suit on and secure, exits the airlock and walks out onto the hull of the ship using the suit's magboots, to receive the four survivors. The operation goes without much issue, and soon, the C-1 houses four more people: the very same rough-housing loading crew that the C-1's crew had met in the mess hall aboard the Redeemer.

Their skiff de-magnetized and powered down to allow the wreckage upon it to drift away, so that the skiff itself can be brought along for later use, the loading crew introduce themselves: Chief Rubesh (though he prefers the nickname Ruby) and his men, Breem, Reeko and Nack. Nack is the one injured, and they gently set him down in the upper cargo hold of the C-1.

Skiff firmly attached to the underside of the C-1, while Bane makes their guests comfortable, Devlin sits down to make certain nobody else is left. A signal flashes on the screen, but the burst is so brief Devlin is left unsure if he actually saw anything, or what it might've been if he did. Regardless, he marks the heading, unsure of himself, and moves to make a few more passes.

As Bane and the loading crew take seats in the cockpit to help with the remainder of the search, surreptitiously, Devlin takes one of the last passes just by the spot he thought he saw something – for no reason other than to prove to himself that he's not seeing things from the stress of the situation they'd found themselves in.

Fortunately, luck is on his side – the signal appears again, a brief blip on the radar screen. Overjoyed that his mind is still working right, Devlin brings the C-1 closer. Bane's attempt to contact the location of the signal via comms meets nothing but static. The men bring to bear the lifesign scanner instead, and find that the object – a badly damaged escape pod – does indeed contain something living, if only just.

Devlin hands over the controls to Bane and goes don a space suit. A brief discussion on who should pilot the ship leaves Bane at the helm, while Devlin instructs the non-injured members of the loading crew to put their helmets back on and for Ruby, a man with lots of experience moving cargo, to take point in the ensuing operation of pulling the escape pod into the cargo bay of the shuttle.

Bane manages to secure the loading crane to the pod, drawing it in, where Ruby and his two men prove Devlin's presence isn't strictly required and expertly bring the pod inside the cargo bay in such efficient and smooth fashion that whoever's stuck inside would barely feel a jostle at all.

Once the cargo hold door is closed and the room re-pressurized and oxygenated, the men open up the banged-up escape pod. Inside, strapped in and without consciousness, sit none other than Captain Andros and Flight Coordinator Lorash, both of whom Ruby eagerly identifies. A damaged, humanoid droid accompanies them, and it stirs as the pod is opened, informing everyone – in much detail – of the injuries the two organic beings beside him sustained. Apparently, Captain Andros had suffered severe injury from attackers on the Redeemer itself, injury bad enough that despite his protests, Lorash and the droid – designated Q1-ET – were able to drag him to an escape pod. Unfortunately, their escape came fairly late, and the pod was damaged during ejection and also collided with debris on the way out.

Thinking quickly, Devlin produces a stimpack, injecting the far worse off Captain Andros with the contents and enabling them to at least safely move him out of the pod. While Devlin and the uninjured members of the loading crew prepare to help the pod's occupants out of it, Bane sends a transmission to the A'Tuin: the C-1 is returning, and it comes bearing individuals in need of urgent medical attention…

Leaves on the Wind, part 2
Session 2 recap

The rag-tag crew of the C-1 salvage shuttle, affectionately nicknamed "Cockroach", slowly approaches the damaged freighter floating at the edge of the oncoming asteroid field. None in the group are certain of the exact model, but some things are obvious – the basic construction of it looks common enough, and the damage upon the hull is not from asteroids alone. The ominous scoring upon the metal of the freighter means it had been attacked by another vehicle, its hull perforated with blaster cannon shots.

While Bane, Doxic, Sabel and Zolwodod all head to the airlock and don spacesuits in preparation to board the abandoned spaceship, Devlin remains at the helm of the C-1, piloting it alongside the astromech droid R4-N2. The smuggler seems to have hit his stride, maneuvering the salvage shuttle into docking position just as the asteroid field thins, allowing them all some time to work before the danger would return.

The airlock slides open, allowing the team – minus Devlin and R4 – entry into the derelict craft. With no hiss of air, the team quickly finds that the ship remains mostly pressurized still, if without gravity, and they promptly move to explore it. Very quickly, Doxic's keen eyes pick out a map of the ship hung on a wall nearby the docking hatch, making further exploration far easier than it otherwise might've been.

While the group discusses where they should go, the Force-sensitive Sabel makes a quick decision to go to the starboard crew quarters first, citing instincts to the rest of the group, all of who remain ignorant of her unique talents. Ignoring protests, she leads them there,  finding the cabin well lived in, but slightly messy, as if abandoned in a hurry.

Sabel immediately finds herself fixating on a footlocker, claiming from it a grey robe and a small cube, stashing them away for later inspection. The others spend their time inspecting the rest of the room, finding in it what looks like a child's clothing and a small children's doll, the latter of which Bane pockets.

Reasonably certain nothing else is there to find in the quarters without spending time they don't have searching, the group moves on. Sabel and Bane make way for the nearby cockpit, while Zol and Doxic head off towards the starboard engine room instead.

A jostle of the ship startles everyone as they explore, but it is quickly revealed that it was no cause for alarm. Devlin had simply had to move the conjoined ships slightly to correct their trajectory in the dangerous asteroid fields.

In the dark engine room, illuminated by portable lamplight, Zol and Doxic find the machinery seemingly intact. After asking the two in the cockpit to check on fuel status (and being told there's very little fuel left – likely not enough to make a hyperspace jump), Zol decides that the best place to do a more detailed check on systems would be the engineering console deeper in the bowels of the ship, and he and Doxic move on in that direction.

Meanwhile, in the cockpit, Bane and Sabel make a quick check of the ship's computer. At Devlin's insistence, they try pull up data on escape pods, but find none. They do, however, discover the ship's current name is the A'Tuin, and that its last transmission was a distress call citing:

"This is the A'Tuin, we are under attack and unlikely to make rendezvous – mission compromised. Repeat: Mission compromised."

Besides the message and random knick-knacks left behind by the ship's pilot, the two find a locker that Bane immediatelly recognizes contained weapons in the past. It's been cleared out, for the most part, save for one unusual-looking, small rifle that Bane picks up. What exactly the weapon does remains unknown.

As Zol and Doxic push their way towards engineering, they find ominous blaster marks along the ship's hallways. Nearer the engineering station, they even find some blood on the floor, leading towards where one of the escape pods would be. It's obvious some fighting took place inside the ship as well as the outside.

Just as Bane and Sabel prepare to join the other two, Devlin pipes up over the comms again: a large asteroid is heading the docked ships' way, and there's no time for the others to evacuate. He tells them to hold onto something, as he has to shove the A'Tuin out of collision course, and maybe even detach the C-1 for a moment.

A massive shudder shakes the two ships as Devlin and R4 pilot the Cockroach to give the freighter a mighty shove. The asteroid dings the shuttle from the outside, but the blow is glancing, and damage is superficial. Devlin cautions the boarding team that time is of the essence, as he cannot keep the two ships out of harm's way very long.

The shudders send objects flying in the zero-g interior of the A'Tuin, and Zol fishes from the air a small, hand-crafted wooden flute, which he pockets.

As everyone readies to hurry things along, they are interrupted as the long-range comms of the C-1 flare to life and the voice of the executive officer, garbled, comes through.

"Hea…up … pl… ..ncoming… perial signatur… this is a… erial sanctioned … op. So … good …ng tight … wait ….ther instructions."

As the crew looks out to the distant Redeemer and Proximo, a number of small ships drop out of hyperspace, closing in on the Redeemer's position, none bigger than a heavy freighter – a cause for some suspicion, at least to Devlin.

It isn't much longer before the space around the Redeemer becomes alight with weapon fire. Explosions abound from shuttles, but the Redeemer holds – until the Proximo levels with the capital ship and fires a salvo upon it. The outraged voice of Captain Andros curses his former ally, and the betrayal leaves the Redeemer vastly outnumbered.

Aghast, but unable to directly aid their employer, the salvage crew of the C-1 watches helplessly as Captain Andros decides to scuttle his ship rather than let it fall in the turncoat's hands. Explosions bloom along the Redeemer's hull, and the ship is undone, leaving another shattered husk to float among the salvage field.

The attackers buzz about, destroying the last remnants of the Redeemer's fleet. The Proximo gathers some of the escape pods that came from the Redeemer, while others are simply destroyed. The smaller fighter craft dock on larger ships, and the attacking fleet vanishes into hyperspace, leaving the salvage field – now much richer in debris – empty and silent. The Cockroach, far from the action and amidst the asteroid field, has remained blessedly unnoticed.

Gathering their wits, some offering a moment or silence or prayer to the hundreds of fallen of the brief battle, the C-1's crew turns to Zolwodod for information on where the nearest inhabited system lies. The Duros informs them that the nearest system, Delrakkin, is quite a ways away – a hyperspace jump will be needed.

With that information, the rag-tag bunch of misfits concoct a plan – they must haul the A'Tuin out of the asteroid field and into clear space, then begin repairs, enough that the ship can make a jump and deliver them to relative safety. Devlin works with R4 to turn the Cockroach into a makeshift tug, while Bane, aided by Sabel and Zol, pilots the hobbled A'Tuin, using what engine power and thrusters it has to keep the ship steady. Their joined efforts deliver the ships mostly unharmed out of the field of asteroids behind them, the gap where the ships had been closing in a violent crash of rocks.

Everyone breathes a deep sigh of relief, and Devlin announces that anyone who wishes to come with him may – he's taking the C-1 out to what's left of the Redeemer to look for survivors. Only Bane takes him up on that offer, and the two of them blast off, leaving Zolwodod, Doxic, Sabel and R4-N2 to work on what emergency repairs they can manage on the A'Tuin…

Episode I:
Redeemer News Tonight!

((Read in the tones of this wonderful sketch on Key & Peele's TeachingCenter))


Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to this cycle’s show of RNT, your one and only Redeemer News Tonight. We welcome all new employees aboard the Redeemer in this hiring round and it looks like we have some promising picks amongst the bunch! Over to our HR announcer that we have for some reason, Karla!

A stream of hiring photos flash along with the announcements.

Well first off, we’re looking at Bane Huyang! This slightly vertically challenged human signed on with the Security division and looks to be a rising star! We have a special news report starring this rough and tumble sharpshooter’s first week on the job in the mess hall!

With yet another human on the draft pick this time, the Captain seems to have a clear team makeup in mind as he hires Doxic Halcyon on in the Pilot division! This sneaky new hire seems to have a view that killing is to be avoided if at all possible!

Which is something the next new employee disagrees with completely! Joining Bane Huyang on the Security division is Sabel, who is too good for last names! This deadly Zabrak is happy to get into it and cut to the chase!

With the only other non-human in this fictional news story, it’s Zolwodod Zhai! Thanks to the teleprompter that let me read that name, it’s also telling me that this Duros has a finer appreciation for music and whacking things with a hydrospanner!

Finally, to round off our last hire from this cycle, it’s another human to fit into the Captain’s crew! A well-rounded smuggler according to his previous season’s records, this charming pilot will be the final pick to round out this team!

Back to you Rickie!

Thank you Karla, now for our special this cycle, we’re focusing on these new hires and the absolute hit they are with the crew!

((Now read in the dulcet tones of the Ozzie Man himself))


Grainy security holo-tape plays of a camera’s view of the mess hall

What you’re seeing here is this very morning’s mess hall footage, where some of our crew and the 5 new employees were having breakfast. You can even spot the white hair Sabel as she clears the line, with Bane and Devlin having a chat in the queue. With Doxic well ahead of her and seating with some existing crew members, it looks like Zolwodod rounds out the entry of the new hires.

Doxic’s Sabacc hands are too good as he plays out the crew, eventually joining the table where mysteriously, every single new employee seems to have gathered. Now the excitement starts as the loading crew, led by the chief heads over to test the rookies. Some small commotion is happening between the two groups as WHACK- the Security rookie Bane takes a huge swing at the chief. That doesn’t do much before WHOA- a massive flying kick over the frakkin’ table from the Zabrak Sabel!

The mess hall brawl turns into an all-out melee as the two Security team face off against all 4 loading crew, food is thrown everywhere, punches are flying, it’s just amazing! Music is starting to play all of a sudden, sounds like it’s Gamorrean Rock idol Snork’s classic album, “When Pigs Fly”. The bass is pounding, security’s trying to push their way through, it’s all a massive disaster. Until BAM- one of the loading crew goes down like a sack of meatlumps, Security is right there though, as they catch the tail end of one of the best ship-board fights we’ve seen in a long time. The XO isn’t going to be happy about this one bit.

The footage changes from camera angle to camera angle as it tracks the group

Well, it looks like not only are they not in trouble with the XO, they’re getting sent on a mission! They’ve spent an awfully long time in his office though, and it looks like it’s something important as they’re all carrying weapons this time. Coming up to Deck C, it looks like the Cockroach is the vehicle of choice, oh very brave! With hundreds of man hours and the assurances of every mechanic on board, the Cockroach has gained a fair pot on when it would finally kill its pilot, with most credits being slung on sometime this solar year! I don’t hardly blame then giving the old bird another once-over as they grill the maintenance chief on everything. First one in is Doxic as the newly hired pilot leads the way, followed closely by the others. That hunk of durasteel is in the air as it heads out the hangar, which is where I’ll be leaving you tonight! A quick reminder to all crewmen that Comedy Night will be held in the mess hall tomorrow evening with limited seating, so come early and grab your spots!

It’s been a pleasure hosting this cycle’s hiring draft and remember to tune in to RNT, your only source of Redeemer News Tonight!

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