ZZ-DIY Minn Nizra

Ex-mandoviol legend and freighter captain


Despite her relatively small stature, Minn is the sort of being whose personality seems to fill a room. She dresses in colourful and outlandish clothes and talks in a booming voice, never afraid to include everyone in her conversations. She is always friendly and eager to know all about any newcomers, but she could be faulted for not really remembering (or perhaps really listening to) the details she encourages people to share.

As with many Xexto, Minn is a natural thrill-seeker, prioritising ephemeral experiences over anything material. This is probably why what was once her vast fortune has now dwindled to the point where she has to go searching for work. Where once she had a fleet of craft, from racing sloops to luxury yachts, now she is left with one; the Glory or Death, her prized freighter. Likewise her estate on Troiken has been sold to pay off debts.

Despite all which has befallen her, Minn remains an unabashed optimist, letting nothing stand in her way.


Minn, using her stage name of Blizzard Skizzard, was once the key mandoviol player of the Glimmik band “Troiken Roots”. The Roots were wildly popular just after the clone wars, and had huge hits with their energetic, almost frantic sound, epitomised by songs such as “Core Melter” and “Better to Die, Than not Try”. They lived an incredibly fast and hedonistic lifestyle fuelled by money from their hit songs and extravagant sell-out tours.

Perhaps inevitably it all came to a spectacular end when three members of the band collided their podracers and died. Minn herself was spared because the explosion catapulted her upwards, and in the microgravity of Troiken’s moon she carried on out of the blast zone, only sustaining relatively minor injuries when she finally crashed back down to the surface.

Minn soon found that her fans started to hate her, and life on Troiken became hard, with people on the street booing, cajoling and throwing things at her. She began to withdraw to her estate but that quickly became boring. After a little while, and prompted by steadily dwindling resources, she sold up and bought herself a freighter, the Glory or Death.

ZZ-DIY Minn Nizra

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