ZZ-DIY Lorn Baize

A famous doctor


Born on Chandrila in 23BBY to Soonta, a professor at the University of Hanna, and unknown father. Lorn’s first memory was of being crushed, suffocated, and feeling his mothers slowly cooling blood soaking into his clothes. Of course, at barely one year old these memories formed in a very abstract way, but they would shape the man that Lorn would become.

After the death of his mother and a group of her students in the bioweapon attack by Separatist leader Lok Durd, Lorn was taken in by the Chandrilan system and awarded as the second child to Bail and Reva Barra. Chandrilan law and custom dictates that families be small to keep the population under control, but exceptions are made for couples wishing to adopt. Unfortunately this meant that Lorn was always aware that Bail and Reva were not his natural parents, and no matter how much love they showed him, his affection for them never developed into anything more than a surface veneer.

To all outward appearances Lorn adjusted perfectly, maintaining a large group of friends and achieving top marks throughout his education. He managed to keep his “urges” a secret from almost everyone. Almost, but not quite. At around the time of his tenth birthday Lorn’s adoptive brother, Fleet, found his collection of trophies. Animal skulls and skins, and knives of all shapes and sizes had been stashed under the family trash compactor, and twelve year old Fleet was shocked. He immediately showed his brother, speculating that some stranger had left them there, but the look on Lorn’s face made him go cold. Ten year old Lorn looked him straight in the eye, and without a hint of feeling informed his brother that should he ever let this secret out, that Lorn would add him to the collection. And his mother and father too. Fleet believed every word, and from that moment he could barely look at his brother. He stopped eating and his health deteriorated rapidly; his normally athletic physique wasting away, his hair thinning and his skin seeming to hang from his frame. By the time of his fifteenth birthday Fleet was a complete recluse, and could often be seen muttering to himself. The trophy collection was, perhaps inevitably, found again, this time by a repair droid. Suspicion immediately fell on Fleet, and a confession soon followed. Even Lorn wasn’t sure if the broken youth actually believed what he said.

The community was shocked and horrified and Lorn basked in their sympathy. Things were going well; he was voted class president almost every year of school, passed all of his classes, and had the choice of any student in the school to share a bed with. His studies went so well that he skipped a year and then jumped to university two years ahead of schedule. The Galaxy would be his playground.

It was in medical school that things quietly unravelled. He had a mandatory class in psychology which he was surprised to discover he actually enjoyed. As they went in-depth into the psychopathic mind he suddenly started to realise exactly how he was different, special. Powerful. He smugly stood in front of the professor and the class and gave a presentation on psychopathy, for which he got a commendation for “tremendous insight”. Perhaps they were too close to him, but not one of them seemed to see anything odd. It was in his second year that a visiting lecturer first noticed that, although Lorn was always surrounded by happy, joking students, he never actually laughed. This on its own wouldn’t have been cause for concern, but the lecturer, an Ithorian named Snuas Lunn, couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong and started subtly testing the young student. The results were inconclusive and Snuas couldn’t ignore her intuition. She started asking around about any studies that she could suggest he be enrolled on, where she could gather more data. Being an Ithorian, Snuas never thought to prevaricate to her colleagues when asked why she was interested in this student, and so nothing came of her requests. Snuas’ term in Hanna City came to an end and she rotated back to Ithor, but her requests had started a chain of events which would forever change the destiny of young Lorn.

There are certain groups in the Galaxy who are always on the lookout for a particular kind of person. Someone with flexible morals, a particularly robust conscience. Due to his tragic childhood and the rumours inadvertently started by Snuas Lunn, Lorn came onto the scanners of one such group.

The Partisans were famous for their ruthless tactics, and so Lorn was a perfect fit into their organisation. They sponsored his training and sent him out into the Galaxy as an assassin. Not a clumsy oaf toting a blaster, but a surgical implement, to eliminate enemies without anyone ever knowing it had been a murder. Lorn would find an excuse to examine the patient, would analyse their biochemistry and synthesise a compound which would set off an extreme allergic reaction in the victim, killing them and nobody else. Lorn could leave the compound somewhere that he knew the victim would go, and if it failed to reach the target he could just try again until the job was done with little fear of being discovered. He grew to love taking lives, looking his next victim in the eye as he played doctor and knowing that shortly those eyes would be blank and lifeless because, he Lorn Baize, deemed it should be so.

The only thing that rankled was that the Partisans thought they should choose his targets. As soon as he had taken everything they had to offer he jumped on the next transport and left them behind. He knew they would be upset, but the Galaxy was a big place to get lost in.

ZZ-DIY Lorn Baize

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