zz_Zolwodod Zhai (retired)

Duros mechanic and aficionado of all music


Zolwodod_Zhai.jpg A fairly typical-looking Duros, Zol is tall and slim with dark blue skin and pink eyes with horizontal slits. Born on Nubia in the Corellia Sector, Zol’s early years saw him apprenticing as a mechanic with his mother in her speeder repair shop. Although he enjoyed the work, wanderlust took hold and he decided he had to leave, also prompted in part by seeing the Empire’s increasingly anti-human tendencies.

He is normally quiet, either because he is listening to his music or because the conversation just isn’t about something he is interested in. He has a wry sense-of-humour and doesn’t really care if anyone else gets his jokes.

Although he hasn’t found the time to do it yet, he has some ideas for machines that he will build in the future’

1 (a). Instal a true fidelity sound system throughout whatever ship he is living on. He wants to be able to share his good taste with the whole crew. If, for whatever reason, they want to concentrate on more mundane ship upgrades…
1 (b). Modify a targeting remote. Replace its lasers with mini-tractor beams and tune its repulsor. The tractors will pull on the walls and ceiling, turning them into huge speakers. The repulsor will vibrate the floor, giving a booming bass. The droid will follow Zol around playing whatever tunes are appropriate for the occasion.

2. Build an AI system to DJ his music collection. It will be able to take social cues to know what tone to set, or if the mood needs changed. It will respond to requests and will be able to seamlessly weave together different genres of music into a melodic whole.


“I hate calling myself a mechanic. I mean, it’s what I do to pay the bills because, well, I’m good at it. My mum taught me from when I was little so it’s in my blood. But it doesn’t describe me. It’s not what I am, if you get me. No, really, I’m a… well, it’s music that drives me.

“I collect all the best sound slugs from every corner of the Galaxy, be it classical, jizz, glimmick or even heavy isotope. I know, I know, the Empire tries to restrict most of the good stuff. In fact most of my music is “Scarlet Rated”, so if the Imps caught me with it, considering the size of my collection, I could be looking at jail time. But the sounds they clear are, mostly, just so… boring. Have you heard some of the music from the Clone Wars? That was a time to be alive! I woulda fit right in to a Clone Wars cantina in Slum District 17, or in an old Bith club.

“I play too, a little. I always carry my blissl around my neck, cos you never know when a new tune will pop into your head. But, really, I’m a valachord player. I mean, I’m not keeping Leonie Paam up at night worrying that I’ll out play her, but I can knock out a tune.”

zz_Zolwodod Zhai (retired)

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