Sarisa Coven

Musical collector on Delrakkin


A human of 42 years old and an upper-mid level member of the Imperial Bureaucracy on Delrakkin. As far as her employers are concerned Sarisa is methodical, meticulous and loyal to a fault.


She has risen steadily through the ranks through her diligence, but is said to lack imagination and panache by her superiors. Never having been particularly ambitious, this has never bothered her; she just trusts her hard work will be recognised and rewarded properly. That and being in the right place at the right time, and the right contacts of course.

Sarisa has had a keen interest in music since a young age, being brought up in a musical household. She can trace her descent through her paternal grandmother, all the way back to Hadius Closthene, the great Ganther composer from Chandrilla, and her brother, Kabe Coven, is a celebrated flautist in the Imperial Symphony Orchestra. Sarisa has little time to play these days, but has plenty of spare credits, so she has used them to build up a fairly impressive collection of instruments and memorabilia of classical music. In particular, her collection of items related to Hadius Closthene is considered the best outside of Coruscant or Chandrilla.

Sarisa Coven

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