Jedi Youngling turned Black Sun Enforcer



Applicant is a female of the Zabrak species, tall and tough. Carries some form of primitive sword on her hip and wears some terrifying suit of crafted massive insect husks. The spikes on a Zabrak with those insect carapaces presents a savage look that’s for sure. Other applicants are giving her a wide berth in the waiting room, even that Trandoshan is walking around her chair. Jimmy is running the interviews today.

Please state your name and position applied for the record please.

Sabel. Security.

What are your applicable skills to this position, if any?

It would take me one stroke of my sabre to cleave your head off, two more to finish the guard eyeing his blaster behind me. Two out of the eight people in that waiting room would be willing to stop me, and only one looks like he’d slow me down before I got out.

That’s quite unnecessary, back to the interview please. Do you have any problems working in a team?

If it’s a team comprised of the idiots outside, yes.

I see. Are you proficient in the use of a blaster?

Could bash your skull in with one.

O-okay. Do you have any previous presence on the Imperial Watch List or have had any complications with the Empire in general?

Applicant is leaning into Jimmy’s face. He’s trying not to pee himself, I can tell.

Do you really want to know?

Well really, of course we do! I’ve had it with this entire interview and your constant threats against my personal safety! I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your applica-

Belay that, I’ve seen enough. Jimmy will pass you the standard security kit on the way out. Welcome onboard the Redeemer, Ms Sabel.


Out of Character Backstory:

Sabel rolled her eyes as the Nautolan and that stupid little Duros starting fighting again, “Boys”. Their Jedi guardian was up in the cockpit with the pilot as the shuttle began to take off, rolling the more unprepared younglings into each other, starting the aforementioned fight. She was far more mature than those dummies, already she could lift books with the Force and had even gotten an approving smile from Yoda himself. She would be the greatest Jedi ever, but not until she was old enough to become a Padawan and away from these rough-housing idiots. She turned her gaze to the escort of clone troopers as the clone captain was communicating with some hooded figure via holovid…

The lashing rain usually didn’t get down this far to the bottom levels of Coruscant but the Empire hadn’t been maintaining the rain covers and they’d all been stripped by scavengers. The skinny, malnourished figure huddled shivering near the door to a dark, grimy cantina as rain soaked through the thin sheet she was hugging. She shied away as a great, hulking Besalisk lumbered out of the cantina and faced the durasteel wall, unzipping his fly to take a leak. The drunk Besalisk barely even noticed the little teenager, up until the flashing edge of a vibroblade sunk itself into his bulbous neck. The skinny figure pulled her blade from the corpse, glancing in fear to the small side alley, where a silhouetted man gave her the thumbs up as they stole away into the night. A flash of lighting and thunder illuminated the dead Besalisk, showing the fresh scrap of durasheet tucked into his belt with the logo of a stylized black and white sun.

The tip of a vibrosabre erupted out the back of the Trandoshan’s chest as he collapsed in front of the pale Zabrak woman. The terrified Twi’lek almost turned and ran at that very sight; the sight of a frag grenade’s safety pin floating in front of his eyes unattached to anything. His eyes fell to the trembling tab of the grenade at his belt with apparently nothing holding it from blowing him to smithereens.
The woman smirked: “Don’t run away now, I can’t keep holding on to that nade’ forever. Tell Jared I still owe him for everything. I’m just taking a small break from the Suns, that’s all. Tell him to call me himself if he needs me, but the next group of half-rate bounty hunters he sends after me won’t be in so many pieces. "

((This is just some fun story for the players but please keep the information out of your characters’ heads. Sabel will trust them enough to tell her history as a Jedi youngling at some point.))


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