ZZ-DIY Jom Mendix

Iktotchi Martial Artist/Bodyguard


Nom was born on Druckenwell to parents who had been successful bankers in the Trade Federation. The family spent most of the money they had earned to get themselves smuggled off-world and back to Iktotch, like so many Iktotchi, just before the Empire was established.

Nom, who had never previously known a world as harsh and unforgiving as Iktotch, struggled to adapt to his new circumstances, even with the enhanced precognition granted by being on Iktotch. As he grew he rebelled, getting into fights with other teenagers and causing innumerable problems for his family. By the time he was in his twenties he had had enough; he hooked up with one of the smugglers who regularly delivered supplies through the Imperial blockade and, for the second time in his short life, found himself stuffed into a smuggling compartment.

The Galaxy was not what Nom had expected. Although the planets he wound up on were technically more forgiving than Iktotch, the people were not. Jom found that the only person he could count on was himself and the only skill which seemed able to earn him money was his natural belligerence. That and his precognition. He started to enter himself into illegal fights, finding that knowing what his opponent was about to do gave him a slight edge. As he gained experience in the ring he toughened up. He soon grew to like the ebb and flow of a fight, the technical science of how to best use his body to defeat an opponent was fascinating. But after a while the organised fights weren’t enough. Jom found himself picking fights outside of the ring, testing himself against the toughest-looking opponents that he could find. He incurred many injuries, but learned still more lessons.

And then he just stopped. Perhaps it was something his precognition had revealed to him, or perhaps he was just weary of getting pummelled, but Nom came to realise that there was no meaning in what he was doing. He was increasing his skills, but to what end?

It was during this time of existential introspection that Nom met Minn Nizra. The mandoviol player had arrived on planet and had immediately been threatened by ex-fans who still blamed her for the death of her bandmates in a speeder crash years before. A mutual acquaintance recommended Jom as a bodyguard and the two found that they needed each other; Jom for that elusive sense of purpose, Minn because too many people wanted her dead.

ZZ-DIY Jom Mendix

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