Devlin Dahl

Galaxy-trawling smuggler and incorrigible flirt


A ruggedly handsome human man standing at around six feet and an inch of height, Devlin Dahl – or just Devlin, as he prefers to dispense with the whole ‘last name’ thing – is a man with a ready charmer’s smile and a wit as sharp as a vibroknife. He usually sports at least a five o’ clock shadow, if not a full beard on his face, and tends to cut his dark hair himself, resulting in it being somewhat uneven. A keen-eyed observer might note that one of his blue eyes is just a touch lighter in color than the other.

His clothing tends to be sensible and not terribly flashy or extravagant. Beneath it, he boasts a lean, athletic build.


Devlin keeps his history close to his chest, only offhandedly revealing – if asked – that he’s originally from the Outer Rim planet of Socorro. Perhaps there will come a day when he will share more with his companions.

Devlin Dahl

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