Captain Andros

Captain of The Redeemer


08930fa70b201592fb2f4d9130bebe57.jpgAt close to 2 meters in height, Captain Andros is an imposing figure. Despite approaching his twilight years, he carries himself with the confidence of a seasoned veteran of misadventure among the stars, with the scars to prove it.


Rumored to have a colourful past as an independent smuggler who gradually built himself up from nothing. Despite alleged dealings in illicit circles for decades, Capt. Andros has managed to remain independent from the influence of other criminal organisations and out of the conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion. It is suspected, due to the way he manages his business and ships, that he had a military background prior to the Clone Wars.

His current vessel, The Redeemer, is a vast hulking part-freighter/carrier based on a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser modified for deep space salvage operations. The Redeemer houses a number of shuttles, smaller salvage ships and one-man fighters with a crew complement in the hundreds.


With a reputation for not tolerating insubordinate behaviour among his crew or subordinates he instills a sense of loyalty among those close to him and the respect of the officers and crew.

He has recently expanded his single ship operation to include a smaller ship, while this technically ranks Andros as “Commodore”, he is more comfortable with Captain and refuses to acknowledge the naval tradition.

The second ship in his fleet, “The Proximo”, is a Class VI bulk freighter modified to house a couple of shuttles and the more technical and functional salvage from operations as well as function as a gunship and protection to the less maneuverable Redeemer. His former XO, and now technically Captain in his own right, Lt. Simo is in charge of The Proximo.

Captain Andros

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