zz_Bane Huyang (Bio) (Retired)


Bane Huyang stands at a staggering 5’9" feet tall which is only slightly shorter than an average human, but he never let that bother him at least after he brought anyone who would fault him for it down to his level. He weighs 180 pounds, where he’ll fairly remind you that muscle weighs more than fat.

Being slightly-below average he more than makes up for it with broad shoulders and a strong physique, intended as much for show as it is for purpose. Sometimes a fight can be avoided simply if you look threatening enough.

Due to his preference to work outdoors he is well tanned. However also due to his preference he does have a tan-line in the shape of a t-shirt. His clothing is function over form, if it is ever is unstained, unwrinkled, pleasing to the eye, or has matching colors it’s purely by coincidence.


For a decade Bane was employed as an armed guard for Miser and several other mining facilities in the Bespin System, wherever he was told to go. Work was aplenty as the system was prosperous thanks the illustrious industry and avoiding the eyes of the Empire and their taxes. This did however attract the unsavory kind of folk, and that only added to Bane’s workload.

Soon Bane bumped into his wife-to-be Olana shortly after a fist fight he won at a cantina….Which was probably not a coincidental. She spurred a cycle of drinking, fighting and gambling fueling his addictions, she was a woman of tastes after all. Bane indulged in this sins as much as Olana, a perfect match.

After some time their first daughter Luminara was born. This is when Bane attempted to clean up his act. He took longer shifts, drank less, rarely gambled, and started paying off his debts. The money he managed to save either went into a trust fund for Luminara, or to his regret became fuel for Olana’s constant cantina-sprees. This led to constant squabbles between the two, a day without fighting became a day that felt like it was missing.

The Bespin system couldn’t last forever without Imperial detection, and so they came. It wasn’t bad for Bane actually, it made his job a lot easier when criminals couldn’t wear their bounties on their sleeves as trophies. One Captain however, took kindly to Mrs Olana Huyang.

It wasn’t long until Olana was head over heels for the elderly gent, and it wasn’t long after that she decided an affair with the man wasn’t enough. It’s no surprise Captain Barker and Bane didn’t get along, but he was an imperial captain and Bane was just a run-of-the-mill guard working for Ugnauts and some savory smugglers. It wasn’t long time until Captain Barker used his position to harass Bane’s employers until they had to let him go.

Olana and Captain Barker came to an agreement for divorce. He could keep their house and half of their savings or he could keep Luminara and almost everything else would go to his former partner. It wasn’t an easy decision, Captain Barker the asshole that he is was still far better off than Bane was financially. It would be a good life for Luminara in theory. But Barker also showed little interest in raising someone else’s daughter and Olana had already shown these past 5 years she has little interest in raising her own daughter.

In the end Bane chose Luminara. He took what credits he could scavenge and bought a shuttle for a nearby system. He couldn’t get work here anymore after he lost his post and the Empire running the show.

zz_Bane Huyang (Bio) (Retired)

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