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The Big Empty, part 1

Session 3 recap

The A'Tuin floats just outside the edges of the asteroid field as shuttle C-1, a.k.a. the Cockroach, hurtles towards it. The C-1's newfound cargo is precious indeed: it bears the last, straggling survivors of the attack on the Redeemer, those precious few not taken by the Proximo – a number that includes none other than Captain Andros himself, deep in a coma and in critical condition.


Bane pilots the C-1 at breakneck pace back towards the A'Tuin, alerting them of the situation via comms. In the meantime, back in the cargo hold, Devlin – with aid from Chief Rubesh and his men – works on extricating their newest guests from their heavily damaged escape pod.


With no knowledge of the extent of injuries Lorash has suffered and afraid to move her without putting some bacta in her system, like he has previously done for Captain Andros, Devlin asks Bane if he could have one of his stimpacks – and upon getting it, administers it to the twi'lek.


Lorash soon wakes with a start, her injuries clearly far less severe than the Captain's. She explains that she and Andros' heavily modified protocol droid, Q1-ET, had dragged Andros into the escape pod against his will after he lost conciousness thanks to injuries inflicted by mutineers on the Redeemer who came to take over the bridge.


Back on the A'Tuin, the rest of the C-1's crew notice a click in the background of the repeating message they'd caught being transmitted, but decide it's a matter for another time. For the moment, the injured are their priority, and Doxic, Sabel, Zolwodod and R4 scramble to turn one of the A'Tuin's passenger quarters into a medbay to receive the survivors.


Soon enough, the A'Tuin and the C-1 are reunited, and the three injured individuals – plus Q1-ET, who seems to have some medical subroutines installed, but is too damaged to do much more than instruct – are rushed into the makeshift medbay. Zolwodod assists the two members of the crew who have any medical training – Bane and Doxic – in trying to patch up wounds on the injured. Lorash's injuries are handled with relative ease between the three of them, but Nack's stomach wound proves a challenge, and the Captain's multitude of bone fractures, internal bleeding and other issues make it hard to even approach treatment without further injuring him.


Thinking fast, Zolwodod does some on-the-spot repairs on the droid, allowing it to provide slightly more hands-on aid than previously (even if one of its arms remains missing, and it is difficult for it to assist to a greater degree). With Q1's aid, Zolwodod and Doxic give patching up the Captain again. Their combined efforts meet success, stabilizing Andros for the moment and buying precious time to find him more permanent means of treatment.


Meanwhile, Sabel and Devlin take to searching the A'Tuin for a medpac and keeping out of the way of those actually capable of providing medical care. While they find no medical supplies the others hadn't already claimed, they do discover a hidden panel in the cockpit. Opening it, the two find a stack of credsticks inside, the ship's BoSS datapad, as well as two ID cards: one showing an 57-year-old male human in grey robes, the other a 5-year-old human girl. The names on the cards read Neeros Tanesh and Ariah Tanesh. A quick bit of deduction based on what was found in the passenger quarters finds that these were indeed the ship's passengers before it was attacked.


The former salvage crew of the C-1 filters into the cockpit to join Sabel and Devlin, and the gathered crew turn to discussing their next move. A salvage run is put on the table, and most agree it is probably wise to stock up on valuables, seeing credits are short and there's liable to be costs in the near future – be they medical, repairs, payment for services rendered or help for the families of those lost in the attack.


The next topic that quickly comes up is that of the repeated message the A'Tuin is still receiving:


"A'Tuin this is Tower. Message received and understood. Rendezvous at backup coordinates, we'll leave a light on."


Doxic brings the clicking in the background of the message to everyone's attention. While everyone discusses the message and whether or not they should try contact whoever is broadcasting it, Doxic runs off without a word.


An exasperated Devlin follows Doxic to the starboard hold, finding the thief intently inspecting a crawlspace in the back of the hold. A shrill scream echoes as Doxic attempts to go into the crawlspace and a tiny, frightened girl leaps out, trying to tear his hair out.


It quickly becomes apparent that the younger of the two passengers is still on the ship, and Sabel and Bane quickly join Devlin, Doxic and Ariah in the starboard hold. Though she claims Neeros (whose name she pronounces "N'eero" instead) is her father, the crew have some doubts, considering she's not the best liar and the humans are quite aware that a 57-year-old man is unlikely to have a 5-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, beyond this, the group learns little from her, and seeing her state, Bane takes her to the kitchen to cook her a meal, revealing as he does that he has a soft spot for her thanks to him having a daughter about her age.


In the meantime, Zolwodod and R4 have their hands and tools full. The Duros cannibalizes the damaged escape pod and continues making repairs on the A'Tuin using the salvaged parts – as ever, with the help of the astromech.


Slowly, everyone on the ship prepare for some well-earned rest, as many tasks await them the next day…


Awesome, thanks Az! :)

The Big Empty, part 1

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