Missed Opportunities

Search & Rescue

Intermission - between sessions 2 and 3

The A'Tuin remains behind, floating serenely at a small, but safe distance from the approaching asteroid field threatening to swallow everything, as the C-1 salvage shuttle, affectionately nicknamed the "Cockroach", disengages from it and makes for the larger salvage field, now much richer in debris thanks to the Proximo's betrayal.

Aboard the C-1 are only Bane and Devlin, the rest having chosen to remain behind on the A'Tuin and begin repairs. As the C-1 makes swift way towards the field's center, Bane and Devlin converse. Bane is skeptical that they'll find anyone, but Devlin asserts that regardless of whether he thinks there's anyone left alive out there, he feels he has to give it a try, citing that it's simply what any conscientious spacer would do.

The sheer distance allows the two men to talk a small while, catching up after more than half a dozen years of not seeing each other. Devlin tells Bane that he'd spent that time traveling the galaxy, while Bane reveals he'd gotten married, had a daughter, and divorced in the meantime.

Finally in range of the field, Devlin opens the comms, calling out into the void of space for any survivors to reply, if able. A gruff reply surprises both men, providing them a beacon to help find them.

The C-1 glides over to the flashing signal, finding no more than a salvage skiff, four figures in space suits standing atop it. One is clearly injured, as two others support him.

Devlin brings the C-1 in close, while Bane, his own space suit on and secure, exits the airlock and walks out onto the hull of the ship using the suit's magboots, to receive the four survivors. The operation goes without much issue, and soon, the C-1 houses four more people: the very same rough-housing loading crew that the C-1's crew had met in the mess hall aboard the Redeemer.

Their skiff de-magnetized and powered down to allow the wreckage upon it to drift away, so that the skiff itself can be brought along for later use, the loading crew introduce themselves: Chief Rubesh (though he prefers the nickname Ruby) and his men, Breem, Reeko and Nack. Nack is the one injured, and they gently set him down in the upper cargo hold of the C-1.

Skiff firmly attached to the underside of the C-1, while Bane makes their guests comfortable, Devlin sits down to make certain nobody else is left. A signal flashes on the screen, but the burst is so brief Devlin is left unsure if he actually saw anything, or what it might've been if he did. Regardless, he marks the heading, unsure of himself, and moves to make a few more passes.

As Bane and the loading crew take seats in the cockpit to help with the remainder of the search, surreptitiously, Devlin takes one of the last passes just by the spot he thought he saw something – for no reason other than to prove to himself that he's not seeing things from the stress of the situation they'd found themselves in.

Fortunately, luck is on his side – the signal appears again, a brief blip on the radar screen. Overjoyed that his mind is still working right, Devlin brings the C-1 closer. Bane's attempt to contact the location of the signal via comms meets nothing but static. The men bring to bear the lifesign scanner instead, and find that the object – a badly damaged escape pod – does indeed contain something living, if only just.

Devlin hands over the controls to Bane and goes don a space suit. A brief discussion on who should pilot the ship leaves Bane at the helm, while Devlin instructs the non-injured members of the loading crew to put their helmets back on and for Ruby, a man with lots of experience moving cargo, to take point in the ensuing operation of pulling the escape pod into the cargo bay of the shuttle.

Bane manages to secure the loading crane to the pod, drawing it in, where Ruby and his two men prove Devlin's presence isn't strictly required and expertly bring the pod inside the cargo bay in such efficient and smooth fashion that whoever's stuck inside would barely feel a jostle at all.

Once the cargo hold door is closed and the room re-pressurized and oxygenated, the men open up the banged-up escape pod. Inside, strapped in and without consciousness, sit none other than Captain Andros and Flight Coordinator Lorash, both of whom Ruby eagerly identifies. A damaged, humanoid droid accompanies them, and it stirs as the pod is opened, informing everyone – in much detail – of the injuries the two organic beings beside him sustained. Apparently, Captain Andros had suffered severe injury from attackers on the Redeemer itself, injury bad enough that despite his protests, Lorash and the droid – designated Q1-ET – were able to drag him to an escape pod. Unfortunately, their escape came fairly late, and the pod was damaged during ejection and also collided with debris on the way out.

Thinking quickly, Devlin produces a stimpack, injecting the far worse off Captain Andros with the contents and enabling them to at least safely move him out of the pod. While Devlin and the uninjured members of the loading crew prepare to help the pod's occupants out of it, Bane sends a transmission to the A'Tuin: the C-1 is returning, and it comes bearing individuals in need of urgent medical attention…


Awesome. Thanks again Az!

Search & Rescue

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