Missed Opportunities

Leaves on the Wind, part 2

Session 2 recap

The rag-tag crew of the C-1 salvage shuttle, affectionately nicknamed "Cockroach", slowly approaches the damaged freighter floating at the edge of the oncoming asteroid field. None in the group are certain of the exact model, but some things are obvious – the basic construction of it looks common enough, and the damage upon the hull is not from asteroids alone. The ominous scoring upon the metal of the freighter means it had been attacked by another vehicle, its hull perforated with blaster cannon shots.

While Bane, Doxic, Sabel and Zolwodod all head to the airlock and don spacesuits in preparation to board the abandoned spaceship, Devlin remains at the helm of the C-1, piloting it alongside the astromech droid R4-N2. The smuggler seems to have hit his stride, maneuvering the salvage shuttle into docking position just as the asteroid field thins, allowing them all some time to work before the danger would return.

The airlock slides open, allowing the team – minus Devlin and R4 – entry into the derelict craft. With no hiss of air, the team quickly finds that the ship remains mostly pressurized still, if without gravity, and they promptly move to explore it. Very quickly, Doxic's keen eyes pick out a map of the ship hung on a wall nearby the docking hatch, making further exploration far easier than it otherwise might've been.

While the group discusses where they should go, the Force-sensitive Sabel makes a quick decision to go to the starboard crew quarters first, citing instincts to the rest of the group, all of who remain ignorant of her unique talents. Ignoring protests, she leads them there,  finding the cabin well lived in, but slightly messy, as if abandoned in a hurry.

Sabel immediately finds herself fixating on a footlocker, claiming from it a grey robe and a small cube, stashing them away for later inspection. The others spend their time inspecting the rest of the room, finding in it what looks like a child's clothing and a small children's doll, the latter of which Bane pockets.

Reasonably certain nothing else is there to find in the quarters without spending time they don't have searching, the group moves on. Sabel and Bane make way for the nearby cockpit, while Zol and Doxic head off towards the starboard engine room instead.

A jostle of the ship startles everyone as they explore, but it is quickly revealed that it was no cause for alarm. Devlin had simply had to move the conjoined ships slightly to correct their trajectory in the dangerous asteroid fields.

In the dark engine room, illuminated by portable lamplight, Zol and Doxic find the machinery seemingly intact. After asking the two in the cockpit to check on fuel status (and being told there's very little fuel left – likely not enough to make a hyperspace jump), Zol decides that the best place to do a more detailed check on systems would be the engineering console deeper in the bowels of the ship, and he and Doxic move on in that direction.

Meanwhile, in the cockpit, Bane and Sabel make a quick check of the ship's computer. At Devlin's insistence, they try pull up data on escape pods, but find none. They do, however, discover the ship's current name is the A'Tuin, and that its last transmission was a distress call citing:

"This is the A'Tuin, we are under attack and unlikely to make rendezvous – mission compromised. Repeat: Mission compromised."

Besides the message and random knick-knacks left behind by the ship's pilot, the two find a locker that Bane immediatelly recognizes contained weapons in the past. It's been cleared out, for the most part, save for one unusual-looking, small rifle that Bane picks up. What exactly the weapon does remains unknown.

As Zol and Doxic push their way towards engineering, they find ominous blaster marks along the ship's hallways. Nearer the engineering station, they even find some blood on the floor, leading towards where one of the escape pods would be. It's obvious some fighting took place inside the ship as well as the outside.

Just as Bane and Sabel prepare to join the other two, Devlin pipes up over the comms again: a large asteroid is heading the docked ships' way, and there's no time for the others to evacuate. He tells them to hold onto something, as he has to shove the A'Tuin out of collision course, and maybe even detach the C-1 for a moment.

A massive shudder shakes the two ships as Devlin and R4 pilot the Cockroach to give the freighter a mighty shove. The asteroid dings the shuttle from the outside, but the blow is glancing, and damage is superficial. Devlin cautions the boarding team that time is of the essence, as he cannot keep the two ships out of harm's way very long.

The shudders send objects flying in the zero-g interior of the A'Tuin, and Zol fishes from the air a small, hand-crafted wooden flute, which he pockets.

As everyone readies to hurry things along, they are interrupted as the long-range comms of the C-1 flare to life and the voice of the executive officer, garbled, comes through.

"Hea…up … pl… ..ncoming… perial signatur… this is a… erial sanctioned … op. So … good …ng tight … wait ….ther instructions."

As the crew looks out to the distant Redeemer and Proximo, a number of small ships drop out of hyperspace, closing in on the Redeemer's position, none bigger than a heavy freighter – a cause for some suspicion, at least to Devlin.

It isn't much longer before the space around the Redeemer becomes alight with weapon fire. Explosions abound from shuttles, but the Redeemer holds – until the Proximo levels with the capital ship and fires a salvo upon it. The outraged voice of Captain Andros curses his former ally, and the betrayal leaves the Redeemer vastly outnumbered.

Aghast, but unable to directly aid their employer, the salvage crew of the C-1 watches helplessly as Captain Andros decides to scuttle his ship rather than let it fall in the turncoat's hands. Explosions bloom along the Redeemer's hull, and the ship is undone, leaving another shattered husk to float among the salvage field.

The attackers buzz about, destroying the last remnants of the Redeemer's fleet. The Proximo gathers some of the escape pods that came from the Redeemer, while others are simply destroyed. The smaller fighter craft dock on larger ships, and the attacking fleet vanishes into hyperspace, leaving the salvage field – now much richer in debris – empty and silent. The Cockroach, far from the action and amidst the asteroid field, has remained blessedly unnoticed.

Gathering their wits, some offering a moment or silence or prayer to the hundreds of fallen of the brief battle, the C-1's crew turns to Zolwodod for information on where the nearest inhabited system lies. The Duros informs them that the nearest system, Delrakkin, is quite a ways away – a hyperspace jump will be needed.

With that information, the rag-tag bunch of misfits concoct a plan – they must haul the A'Tuin out of the asteroid field and into clear space, then begin repairs, enough that the ship can make a jump and deliver them to relative safety. Devlin works with R4 to turn the Cockroach into a makeshift tug, while Bane, aided by Sabel and Zol, pilots the hobbled A'Tuin, using what engine power and thrusters it has to keep the ship steady. Their joined efforts deliver the ships mostly unharmed out of the field of asteroids behind them, the gap where the ships had been closing in a violent crash of rocks.

Everyone breathes a deep sigh of relief, and Devlin announces that anyone who wishes to come with him may – he's taking the C-1 out to what's left of the Redeemer to look for survivors. Only Bane takes him up on that offer, and the two of them blast off, leaving Zolwodod, Doxic, Sabel and R4-N2 to work on what emergency repairs they can manage on the A'Tuin…



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